Fypon Beam Accessories

Beam Top

* Beam Top in Mesa Woodgrain can be used with all beam Styles.

Note: Product not available stained.

Beam End Cap

Note: Product not available stained.

Beam Plates

Smooth Beam Plates part numbers: BMPTS6x10**, BMPTS8x10**, BMPTS10x15** and BMPTS15x20**

Hammered Beam Plates part numbers: BMPTH6x10**, BMPTH8x10**, BMPTH10x15** and BMPTH15x20**

Plain Beam Plates Smooth part numbers: BMPTS36x36^, BMPTS48x48^

Plain Beam Plates Hammered part numbers: BMPTH36x36^, BMPTH48x48^

** Number of nuts and bolts molded into a beam plats is dependent on size of the plate. Image shows is only a representative of the appearance of the plate, either Smooth or Hammered. Sold in package quantities of 2, 2 front and 2 back plates, total of 4 parts per package.

^ Nut and bold heads are included (20 of each packaged separately). Additional packs can be ordered separately (BMPLTHDWKT40 = 20 nuts and 20 bolts, BMPLTHDWKT20 = 10 nuts and 10 bolts, BMPTHDWKT10 = 5 nuts and 5 bolts).

Beam Straps

Smooth Beam Straps: BMSTRPS4X6 4″ X 6″, BMSTRPS6X8 6″ X 8″, BMSTRPS8X10 8″ X 10″, BMSTRPS10X15^^ 10″ X 15″^^

Hammered Beam Straps: BMSTRPH4X6 4″ X 6″, BMSTRPH6X8 6″ X 8″, BMSTRPH8X10 8″ X 10″, BMSTRPH10X15^^ 10″ X 15″^^

^^ Mesa only

Note: Width of beam strap is 6″ for all beam sizes. Beam straps sold 2 per package.

Parts may be required to ship LTL based on size and overall dimensions.