Mid-America Blocks and Vents for Insulated Siding

Sometimes, a standard mounting block just won’t cut it. That’s where our insulated siding blocks come in. Designed with extra depth in mind, this is where to turn when you’re adding extra insulation to your siding. Available in full color offering.

Jumbo Mount

A level, waterproof surface, generously sized for securely mounting coach lamps.

Original Mount

Ensure a level, waterproof surface for mounting exterior accessories.

Split Block

Block splits apart to fit around existing pipes and vents.

4″ Hooded Vent

Subtle details elevate the hooded vent from functional to fashionable.

6″ Hooded Vent

Hooded vent with concealed exhaust flap

Master Exhaust Vent

Provides an attractive, high-quality finish with scalloped or square corners. Features a patented Lock-On Trim Ring and patented exhaust flaps stay closed when not in use.