Mid-America SturdiMount

For the beauty you want and the water protection you need, there’s the SturdiMount fiber cement block manufactured using cellular PVC. Its engineered water management system maintains integrity with its innovative pre-flashed, pre-assembled design. The 12 color-matched colors provide a clean finished look you can’t get anywhere else. And Trim White can be left white or painted.

Pre-flashed and pre-assembled for protection against water damage. Provides job site uniformity, no matter which crew sides the house. Save time and labor, SturdiMount installs in seconds. Provides a clean and more finished look. For use on fiber cement, engineered wood, cedar and composite siding. Will not chalk or fade. The mounting surface is manufactured of cellular PVC.

Split Mount

Designed to accommodate water spigots, gas lines, bib lines and doorbells, this 6″ x 8.5″ block is made of cellular PVC with an ABS flange.

Receptacle Mount

Ideal for electrical boxes, this 6″ x 8.5″ mount block is made of durable, attractive cellular PVC with an ABS flange.

Universal Mount

Mount standard lights and dryer vents using this 8.5″ x 11″ universal mount. Made of cellular PVC to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty and comes with an ABS flange.

Oversized Mount

Generously sized for coach lights, SturdiMount® blocks provide a finished look that complements a wide range of exterior materials. Made of cellular PVC to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free durability. This 8.5″w x 15″h block with an ABS flange is designed to keep water at bay.

UL Mount

UL rated for light fixtures up to 10 pounds, this receptacle allows the electrical connection to be made over the house wrap. Provides 18 cubic inches of free space—exceeding IRC requirements. Preflashed and assembled for easy installation. Made of cellular PVC to provide a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty, and an ABS flange.

Blank Mount

Uncut Universal, Receptacle and Oversized profiles are available for on-site customization. Flange is pre-cut. Available in Trim White (TW) only.

SturdiMount Colors